The Strange Weather Syndicate so far.

The Strange Weather Syndicate or S.W.S: a theatrical and not so theatrical impractical reality based on Mount Scarper. The amount of Members within the Syndicate is classified, but the working face is an estimated 13. Some identities are duplicated and others classified. At Glastonbury 2016 the S.W.S had T.J, Cassiel Elemia Ezekiel, Biscuit, Rev’d Fredric, Gulliver, Ruby Revell, Max is a crazy lad, Patsy: the secretary and interviewer and a few more. The S.W.S is based on the upper level of mount scarper, in the rock regent, snowy area.   Strange weather perform many acts of beauty, their best known for, 100% accurate fortune telling. Much of the project is concept work, hours of white board time and thousands of elaborate plans that will never be known, but that is how most good projects are. Even week long rehearsals can be thrown away, and have been in past.

With only 3 festivals finished so far and about 5 weeks of rehearsal time in 2 years at least the syndicate has built three or four versions of one show, a trailer with a concertina roof which breaths by tern handle, an angel sized cage and a group of exceptional characters.


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